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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine - The Guitar Player's Right Hand Workout


Current Edition

The Guitar Player's Right Hand Workout

The right hand is the most important component in the development of your guitar playing skills. You can have great left hand technique and know all of your scales and chords, but if your right hand is not accurate, smooth, and relaxed, then your timing suffers, your tone is weak, your note clarity is lacking and there is no sense of fluidity to your music. Your right hand is your metronome and your ability to create great tone and play at high tempos resides mostly in that right hand as well.

In this book author Jeff Troxel present a series of right hand exercises that will help you develop dexterity and accuracy with your right hand. Practicing these exercises, with a metronome, will also greatly improve your timing. Additionally, Jeff provides exercises and tips to help you increase your speed.

Table of Contents:

Forward & Introduction

Part One: The Basics
    Alternate Picking
    Economy Picking
    Combination Picking
    About Technique
    How To Practice
    The Rest Stroke
    Exercise One
    Exercise Two
Rest Stroke
    Exercise Three
    Exercise Four

Part Two: String Crossing
    Exercise Five
    Exercise Six: Major Pentatonic Scale Fingerings
    Exercise Seven: Minor Pentatonic Scale Fingerings
    Exercise Eight: Pentatonic Scale with the Grain String Crossing
    Exercise Nine: Circle of Fourths with the Grain String Crossing
    Exercise Ten: Pentatonic Scale against the Grain String Crossing
    Exercise Eleven: Circle of Fourths against the Grain String Crossing
    Exercise Twelve: Using Triplets for String Crossing
    Exercise Thirteen: Arkansas Traveler Phrase
Tarrega's Technical Studies
    Exercise Fourteen
    Exercise Fifteen

Part Three: Crosspicking and Arpeggios Studies
    Exercise Sixteen: Basic Crosspicking Patterns I
    Exercise Seventeen: Basic Crosspicking Patterns II
The Giuliani Studies
    Exercise Eighteen: Giulianni's Chord Forms
    Exercise Nineteen: Giuliani Triplet Studies
    Exercise Twenty: Giuliani 16th Note Studies
    Exercise Twenty-One: Giuliani Advanced Triplet Studies
    Exercise Twenty-Two: Guiliani Advanced 16th Note Studies
Cottonwood Reel: Version 1
Cottonwood Reel: Version 2

Part Four: Building Speed
    Exercise Twenty-Three
    Exercise Twenty-Four
    Exercise Twenty-Five

Appendix One: Metronomes
Appendix Two: The Circle of Fourths
Afterward & About the Author