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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine - Best of the 1st Ten Years Series - Editor's Pick Songs

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Current Edition

Welcome to the downloadable PDF version of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine the "Best of the First Ten Years: Editor's Pick Songs." This PDF book contains 147 song transcriptions that were chosen by the Editor from the issues of Flatpicking Guitar that were published from November/December 1996 (Volume 1, Number1) through September/October 2006 (Volume 10, Number 6). All pages from each article are presented in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File (.PDF) format and can be printed out on your printer.

The following songs are included in this PDF:

8th of January
Alabama Jubilee
Amazing Grace
Angeline the Baker 1
Angeline the Baker 2
Arkansas Traveler 1
Arkansas Traveler 2
Beaumont Rag 1
Beaumont Rag 2
Beaumont Rag 3
Beaumont Rag 4
Big Sciota 1
Big Sciota 2
Bill Cheathum 1
Bill Cheathum 2
Bill Cheathum 3
Billy In The Lowground
Black Mountain Rag
Blackberry Blossom 1
Blackberry Blossom 2
Blackberry Blossom 3
Blackberry Blossom 4
Blackberry Blossom 5
Blackberry Rag
Bonaparte's Retreat 1
Bonaparte's Retreat 2
Bully of the Town
Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Cattle in the Cane 1
Cattle in the Cane 2
Cattle in the Cane 3
Cherokee Shuffle 1
Cherokee Shuffle 2
Cherokee Shuffle 3
Cherokee Shuffle 4
Cherokee Shuffle 5
Cotton Patch Rag
Crazy Creek 1
Crazy Creek 2
Crazy Creek 3
Cripple Creek
Cuckoo's Next
Devil's Dream 1
Devil's Dream 2
Done Gone 1
Done Gone 2
Down Yonder
Dry and Dusty
Durham's Bull
Dusty Miller
Fire On the Mountain 1
Fire On the Mountain 2
Fisher's Hornpipe 1
Fisher's Hornpipe 2
Flat Seven Medley
Flop Eared Mule
Flowers of Edinburgh 1
Flowers of Edinburgh 2
Flowers of Edinburgh 3
Forked Deer 1
Forked Deer 2
Forked Deer 3
Golden Eagle Hornpipe
Goodbye Liza Jane 1
Goodbye Liza Jane 2
Grey Eagle
Home Sweet Home
I'll Fly Away
Jesse James
John Henry
June Apple
Katy Hill 1
Katy Hill 2
Katy Hill 3
Leather Britches 1
Leather Britches 2
Little Maggie 1
Little Maggie 2
Little Rabbit
Lonesome Road Blues
Lonesome Rueben 1
Lonesome Rueben 2
Lost Indian 1
Lost Indian 2
Lost Indian 3
Miller's Reel 1
Miller's Reel 2
New Five Cent Piece
Nine Pound Hammer 1
Nine Pound Hammer 2
Old Joe Clark 1
Old Joe Clark 2
Old Spinning Wheel
Ookpik Waltz
Over The Waterfall
Paddy on the Turnpike
Pike County Breakdown
Ragtime Annie 1
Ragtime Annie 2
Red Haired Boy 1
Red Haired Boy 2
Red Haired Boy 3
Red Wing 1
Red Wing 2
Reuben's Train
Road to Columbus 1
Road to Columbus 2
Sail Away Ladies
Sailor's Hornpipe
Sally Goodin' 1
Sally Goodin' 2
Salt Creek 1
Salt Creek 2
Salt Creek 3
Shuckin' the Corn 1
Shuckin' the Corn 2
Soldier's Joy 1
Soldier's Joy 2
St. Anne's Reel 1
St. Anne's Reel 2
St. Anne's Reel 3
Stoney Creek
Stoney Point
Temperance Reel
Texas Gales 1
Texas Gales 2
The Girl I Left Behind Me 1
The Girl I Left Behind Me 2
Train 45
Turkey in the Straw 1
Turkey in the Straw 2
Under the Double Eagle 1
Under the Double Eagle 2
Westphalia Waltz 1
Westphalia Waltz 2
What A Friend We Have in Jesus
Whiskey Before Breakfast 1
Whiskey Before Breakfast 2
Whiskey Before Breakfast 3
Whistlin' Rufus 1
Whistlin' Rufus 2
Will The Cirlce Be Unbroken
Worried Man Blues