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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine - Flatpicking Styles, Volume 1: Pioneers and Legends

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Current Edition

In this 320 page PDF book, containing 128 articles, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller has compiled all of the articles from Flatpicking Guitar Magazine that have appeared during the first twelve years of the magazine's publication that pertain to the flatpicking guitar styles of flatpicking's legends and pioneers. The Legends section includes articles relating to the guitar styles of:

Clarence White (25 articles)
Tony Rice (10 articles)
Norman Blake (13 articles)
Doc Watson (7 articles)
Dan Crary (20 articles)

The Pioneers section includes 17 articles relating to the Maybelle Carter style, plus articles that explore the styles of Hank Snow, Riley Puckett, Jimmy Martin, Jimmie Rodgers, Roy Harvey, Red Smiley, Charlie Monroe, the Delmore Brothers, George Shuffler, Don Reno, Edd Mayfield, Arthur Smith, and many more (a total of 53 articles).